The Best Deal for Your Outsource Buck

I love Fiverr

As my agency grows I continue to do more outsourcing and joint ventures. I have really taken a liking to In the past six months I have bought six creations on fiverr. I’m really excited about my latest buy which is a 60 second video ad. Some of the things I have bought just blow my mind. Check out this this video of my logo floating in the ocean. I have had the floating logo video done for a few of my customers, it make a great Youtube backlink. I have also had several logo’s done. the logo’s were not really usable but for five bucks it was worth a try to see what I would get. One logo I really liked was the scroll saw pine wood logo. I have not figured out how I’m going to use the logo but it’s still pretty cool.

The best thing I bought off of fiverr was my current marketing flyer. Ramzan Pirzada took content that I have spent years developing right off my website and made me a great flyer.