The Best Deal for Your Outsource Buck

I love Fiverr

As my agency grows I continue to do more outsourcing and joint ventures. I have really taken a liking to In the past six months I have bought six creations on fiverr. I’m really excited about my latest buy which is a 60 second video ad. Some of the things I have bought just blow my mind. Check out this this video of my logo floating in the ocean. I have had the floating logo video done for a few of my customers, it make a great Youtube backlink. I have also had several logo’s done. the logo’s were not really usable but for five bucks it was worth a try to see what I would get. One logo I really liked was the scroll saw pine wood logo. I have not figured out how I’m going to use the logo but it’s still pretty cool.

The best thing I bought off of fiverr was my current marketing flyer. Ramzan Pirzada took content that I have spent years developing right off my website and made me a great flyer.


Fresh Written Content

Content is King… You’ll hear that phrase over and over again when it comes to SEO success.  Get your content right, and you’ve created a solid foundation to support all of your other SEO efforts.  The quality of your content is what will set you apart from your competition. Google has made it clear that more than anything else, if you are producing quality content you will be rewarded for it with a higher search results pagerank.

On the front of my website there are six blue boxes and one of them is written in pink. The pink box is what I need from you to make your internet marketing program work. If you’re not willing to help my team of highly skilled writers develop fresh content then I’m probably not the guy you want to work with, but if you understand the importance of the knowledge you have and how that information can change your business. Then call me a.s.a.p. so we can get started putting together your internet marketing plan and get your business moving up in pagerank on all of the search engines. Steve Machado 916-802-2587

Fresh Written Content

Email Marketing

As a small organization, your passion for what you do and the quality of your customer relationships are what separate you from the big guys.  When we use Email Marketing, you’ll be able to reinforce those relationships and connect with your customers in a way no one else can—every single time you hit ‘Send.’ Constant Contact Email Marketing offers you a fast, effective way to get your message out to customers and keep your organization top of mind. It’s a breakthrough marketing tool that’s just as easy to use as it is powerful.


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To boost SEO, we create a YouTube channel for your business. Every video posted to your channel can be tagged and indexed, increasing the odds your brand name will appear in natural searches for keywords associated with your business. You might be thinking “Who would want to watch a video about what I sell?” Well, the answer is probably a lot of people, but they won’t want to watch “commercials” about your products on YouTube. Instead, people will appreciate informative or entertaining videos about your products that illustrate how to choose the ones for their needs, how to use or fix them, and what special features are available. But don’t stop there. Consider what other expertise you can offer beyond your products. Whatever business you’re in, you’re probably an expert at what you do, so share your knowledge.

For example:

If you sell women’s apparel, record videos showing how you choose your merchandise, interview local designers or even create how-to videos on coordinating outfits.

If you sell specialty cookies, record a few different videos about where you source your ingredients, how you bake your cookies, and how you package them for shipping.

If you sell wine, record videos of yourself opening, tasting and critiquing the different products you sell. Or, help viewers pair featured wines with seasonal meals.

With a bit of creative thinking, you can come up with some really interesting ideas that would be a perfect fit for a regular or even semi-regular video series.

This is a Video I made for  a client using pics from their website


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